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Conductive Gel

Learn More about 7E Conductive Gel, Ingredient and Common FAQ on using conductive treatment gels

How long will the 7E Wellness Conductive TX Gel's last and what type of Glycerin is in the Conductive Gel?

The shelf life of the 7E Wellness Conductive Tx Gels and other skin care products follow the FDA Cosmetic Safety and Shelf-Life guidelines.  FDA does not require manufacturers to put expiration dates on labels.  Skin care products containing drugs su


The treatment gel for mature and anti-aging skin conditions.  ReStore gel focuses on the health and integrity of the skin from the onset of the chronological aging process.  As the skin ages, there are a number of changes that take place in the skin


Treatment gel for calming and distressing skin conditions.  ReNu gel focuses on the internal temperature of the skin and the overall stress level of the individual.  When the skin is stressed it may create redness, acne breakouts, irritation, dry pat

What does the conductivity gel do?

Conductivity gel helps to reduce the resistance of the skin so the microcurrent can reach the area you want to work on. Our special, dual-action conductive treatment gels are the industry’s first conductive gels with purpose! 7E is the first company

Where can I buy more gel?

You can purchase more gel by visiting our website or clicking here!