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Conductive GlovesUpdated 2 months ago

Conductive Gloves


Our conductive gloves can be used with ALL MyoLift™ Microcurrent Machines.

Microcurrent gloves are an accessory designed to be used as an alternative to traditional ball tip probes or cotton tip probes for a microcurrent facial treatment. They are an ideal way to provide a more detail oriented microcurrent treatment to fit you or your client's unique needs for facial lifting and toning. Our pair of 7E conductive microcurrent gloves are made of nylon and silver threads with low resistance, which makes them easy to glide on the skin. A microcurrent session with these antimicrobial gloves (meaning they act against various microorganisms like bacteria and fungi) will transmit low-level electrical stimulation, targeting microcurrent deep into the skin tissue and leading to an effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The conductive microcurrent gloves will yield the same results as the traditional metal ball tip probes.

The benefits of using conductive microcurrent gloves in place of traditional metal ball tip probes primarily comes down to preference of you and / or your clients. Due to their antimicrobial properties and silver lining, conductive microcurrent gloves are a more powerful tool in combating acne than traditional metal ball tip probes.

Includes: one pair of gloves.

If you do not own a  Lead Wire  you will need to purchase one to use the gloves with your device. 

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