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Eye Mask: How to UseUpdated 3 months ago

 Our hands free masks are a great way to deliver ATP into the skin and soften those fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin.  These hands free masks are reusable and they do not require you to use any conductive gel.  

 You can do 10-30 minutes on Level 1 Erase/Stretch.  However long you decide to use the masks, do halft the time  on Level 1 Erase/Stretch and half the time on Level 1 Educate/Lift.   

  • Remove the Eye Mask and wipe mask gently with an alcohol wipe
  • Put plastic back on the Eye Mask and store in sealed bag.  Can be used up to 15 times.

To Clean:

If you notice any build up on the sticky part of the mask, you can use an alcohol wipe or use some gauze with alcohol to clean. 


This video is with the QT, but you can also use with any of our devices. 

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