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How does the new App Free Mode work?

With this update, your QT will automatically trigger app free mode after 5 seconds if it is not synced with the app. You no longer need a phone to use it, and can immediately begin an app free treatment after charging your new device. Your app free session begins as the light on the top of the handle turns green and begins to blink. When you first establish conductivity, the device will buzz. You can check your conductivity at any time via the green light - it will be solid when you have good conductivity. The device will go through 5 minutes of the 'Stretch' waveform, then it will buzz twice and switch to 'Lift' for 10 more minutes. It is automatically set on 'Low' at 175 microamps, but you can change it in the app to 'High,' which is 300 microamps. This treatment can be performed daily.

What is the QT Premium Membership?

The QT Premium Membership gives you access to our exclusive QT Community. Enjoy member-only rewards, personalized treatment planning, ai-powered skin analysis tools, 1-on-1 consultations and tutorials with licensed professionals, detailed step-by-step tutorials, and more!

Will I have to pay for a membership if I purchased my QT before January 12th 2024?

If you purchased your QT before January 12th 2024, you will be a lifetime member of the Premium Community at no additional cost to you.

Do I have to purchase a membership? 

You will not be forced to purchase a membership. When you first activate your account, you will automatically begin a free 30 Day Premium Membership.Once you have tried out all the app's features you can decide whether to subscribe or to cancel your membership at no cost to you.

How do I view or cancel my Membership? 

You can always view your membership status by going to your profile in the app. Tap the profile icon in the top left corner of your screen (this will look like a small circle with either your image or the silhouette of a person). After this, you will see your membership status and will have the option to change or cancel your plan. Once you cancel your membership in the app, you may also need to cancel the subscription in your app store.

What can a QT Base do without the Premium Membership?

As a QT Base user you will still be able to utilize the device in App Free Mode. You can set your device to 'Low' or 'High' in your app, with Low = 175 microamps and High = 300 microamps.

Is there a guide for App Free Mode?

Yes, we have a follow along video HERE

Why is the QT being sold at a lower price now? Has the QT changed or lost anything?

No need to worry! The QT still has all the same capabilities - up to 400 microamps of power and our 2 proprietary waveforms: Stretch to smooth out tension and wrinkles, and Lift to firm and tighten lax muscles. We have simply separated the price of the device from the price of the app. Our goal is to make our device even more accessible and give users the ability to decide what they need for their microcurrent experience.

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