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How to Use the Conductive GlovesUpdated 2 months ago

You will use the gloves the same way you use the probes. You are still able to do Educate and Erase. You will want to wear latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves under the conductivity gloves so all of the current goes to your clients and not to your hands.


To clean:

Use neutral detergent or mild antibacterial soap only in order to prolong the lifespan of the gloves. 

Do not twist the gloves after washing to wring out excess water, pat dry with paper towel instead. 

The conductive microcurrent gloves should air dry before placing back into closed bag.  

Do not put away while damp as they can rust.  

Gloves can be placed in sterilizer.


 Gloves can be lightly sprayed with alcohol, quats or barbicide, but highly recommend to rinse of afterwards to avoiding rusting.

Gloves are safe to use on multiple people when following proper cleaning and sanitation steps. 

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