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Jowl Mask FAQUpdated 2 months ago

How do I connect the Jowl Mask to my device?

Be sure and plug the lead wire in and connect the Forehead Mask.

The conductivity bar is blinking.  It will not go solid.

Be sure and press the Pause/Run button until you see Run on your screen.

I have hooked up the lead wire and pressed the On button but nothing is happening.

Make sure your device is not plugged into the wall.

How many times have you used your Forehead Mask?  You may need to purchase another one. The masks are good for 10-15 treatments.

What is the shelf life of electrodes?

2 years

How often it can be reused?

It is recommended that you use it around 10 to 15 times. However you can clean with isopropyl alcohol and increase the number.

Can I use the masks on different people?

No, the masks can only be used by 1 person unless there is a sheet mask between the person's skin and conductive mask.  The masks are intended to be used multiple times by the same person.

Please remember....

Do not use electrodes if you do not store property under a plastic bag.
Do not store electrode on paper
Do not store electrodes under direct sunlight or open. We suggest that customers wash their face and do not dry too much. Keep it damp. And then apply Mask. Or use Replenish Spritzer and then use electrodes. 
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