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My ProfileUpdated 2 years ago

Accessing your profile easy! Simply click on the heading located at the top left of the app, or your star count.

Once selected, your profile will show you:

Change Focus Areas: If you want to change your area of focus at any point, click this icon to retake the assessment. 

Rewards: See how many stars you've earned that turns into 7eCash to redeem on our website. If you do not complete your session or give an assessment after the end of each treatment, reward points will not be earned. 

Stats: See how many sessions you've completed, post treatment assessments, total time spent doing treatments and a photo journal of your before and after photos. 

History: See which treatments you've completed recently.

At the top, you will see how many sessions are needed to advance to the next level! This unlocks more treatments and at a higher intensity.

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