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Myolift™ Gua ShaUpdated 2 months ago

Myolift™ Gua Sha

The beauty secret combining ancient Ayurvedic tools with scientific Microcurrent to achieve a clarified, healthy and glowing skin

What is It

The Myolift Gua Sha is made of Kansa, a highly conductive and healing metal giving you an ultimate Ayurvedic beauty tool. Kansa is made of a perfect mixture of Copper and Tin and has been well known for its “healing powers” amongst the ancient wisdoms of Veda in India. The metal additionally boosts immunity, aids prana flow and balances dosha. When combined with Microcurrent, the benefits are deeper and longer lasting.

Why It’s Unique

This unique Gua Sha is perfectly designed to sculpt, massage and to reach from the biggest to the smallest facial muscles and curvatures to bring a healing massage while delivering the benefits of Microcurrent to lift and tone. 

What are the benefits

As a result you will get a clarified, radiant, glowing and energized skin cells,  relaxed and lifted facial muscles, and overall healthy aging.

You can use Myolift Gua Sha for -

a) Lymphatic Drainage treatment to clear the toxins from the skin

b) Build Blood circulation 

c) Activate Collagen Production

d) Focused massage combined with Microcurrent to bring an effective Fascia release, easing the muscle tensions and reducing painful spots

e) Edema Reduction from the puffiness around the eyes or around the jawline . 

f) Fast, Effective and intuitive delivery of Microcurrent facial. 

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