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What is this new AI feature?

The Myolift QT Plus Smart App just got smarter. Now QT users will be able to harness the cutting edge technology of AI to guide them through their personalized skincare journeys. Do you want to change your skin for the better, but don't know where to start? This scientifically validated tool will empower even the most inexperienced users to treat their skin and track their results with the accuracy and understanding of a professional. Prior to and throughout your series of QT treatments you will be asked to photograph your skin so that the AI engine can analyze it. With this ability to precisely read the skin’s moisture levels, firmness, and wrinkle formations, it has never been easier to get noticeable results effortlessly with this powerful anti-aging device.

Where can I find the AI feature in my QT App?

Users will find the AI in three places:
1.) You will take your first picture via the AI feature when you complete your initial skin survey. This is part of making your account when you first download the app.
2.) The app will ask you to update your photograph via the AI after every five sessions you complete.
3.) You can use the AI feature whenever you like by tapping "More" on the bottom menu bar, then tapping "SmartFace Scan," found near the top right corner of the screen.

What is "firmness" according to the AI?

The AI's 'firmness' rating focuses on the elasticity of the skin. Skin that has poor elasticity tends to feel thinner, more delicate, and can have the appearance of sagging. This typically happens most prrominently around the mouth, jowls and jawline. The skin is made of collagen and elastin - two proteins that hold the skin together and allow it to be stretchy, tight, and resilient. As we age this elastic quality of the skin is lessened, similar to a rubber band or a hair tie that has been used a few times. 

What is "wrinkles" according to the AI?

The AI's 'wrinkles' rating focuses on the surface texture of the skin, highlighting any folds or creases that have formed. These folds in the skin form naturally as we age due to repetitive movement and tension of the muscles, particularly around the mouth and eyes, and on the forehead. The AI is quite precise so it will also pick up on fine lines and early-stage wrinkles and highlight them in a lighter green color.

What is "hydration" according to the AI?

The AI's 'hydration' rating focuses on the moisture levels of the skin, highlighting particularly dehydrated areas with yellow and orange tones. Our skin's hydration can vary from day to day depending on a number of factors including the weather, our water intake, skincare products, sun exposure, etc. Skin that is dehydrated will tend to show more fine lines and will take on a dull appearance, and skin that is chronically dehydrated will age more rapidly. 

Should my AI score be changing after every treatment?

Not necessarily. The rating you are seeing may not change in every category every time you perform a treatment. The changes that we observe in our skin from microcurrent happen gradually. You also wouldn't expect to see a new silhouette or a new number on the scale after one visit to the gym. 

What if my AI scores have gone down?

This can happen and is totally normal. From day to day, many factors such as our hydration levels, sleep habits, diet,  skincare routine, etc. can influence the way our skin looks. You may see that your numbers fluctuate sometimes but it is not a cause for concern. 
You may also see a fluctuation in your scores because of your lighting or camera angle. For accurate scans, we recommend using direct lighting and try to angle the camera the same for each scan. 

What do I do if my phone is not allowing me to take a picture for the AI?

You will need to make sure your phone's permissions allow the app to use your camera. For some phones this permission will need to be allowed each time you use the AI feature.

Where are my pictures stored and where can I view them?

Your pictures are stored in the app within your profile. From the 'My Plan' screen, tap the person icon. in the top left corner to view your profile. Tap 'stats' and scroll down. 

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