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Myolift™ Triwave PortalUpdated 3 months ago

Triwave Video Using Metal Probes

The MyoLift™ Triwave is an FDA cleared, non-invasive, portable facial toning device intended

for at home and professional use. This battery-operated device delivers low-level, electrical

microcurrent impulses to strategic locations on the face to improve the facial tone for a more

youthful appearance. The unique double-tipped probe applicators, designed for optimal

contact with faces of all shapes and sizes, emits a gentle electrical current which continually

alternates between the positive and negative spheres. The MyoLift™ Triwave device allows you

to adjust the current output from 175 to 400 microamps, as per the your comfort level.

For your MyoLift™ Triwave device to operate properly, the skin needs optimum moisture

content. Therefore, it is recommended to first spray the RePlenish Conductive Spritzer

(optional) onto the skin followed by the 7E Conductive Tx Gel to the areas being treated.

Regular use of the MyoLift™ Triwave device will provide increased facial strength and tone to

home users, while maintaining a more vibrant appearance

Triwave User Manual

Here is a link to the introduction of the Triwave:

Training Video Using Metal Probes

Introduction to the Triwave

Training Video Using Gloves

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Lymphatic Drainage using the Conductive Gloves

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