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Treatment Troubleshooting

What is LIFT Mode

LIFT mode uses 7E wellness proprietary waveform design to shorten the facial muscles, resulting in a natural lift and tone of the muscles that can reduce the appearance of sagging skin.

What is STRETCH Mode

Stretch is a proprietary waveform design in Myolift QT. Stretch: A waveform MyoLift QT uses to lengthen the facial muscles, resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

How do I use the Masks? 

Plug the mask wires into the lead wire splitter until snug. Plug the USB cable into the QT and then select your treatment. 

Are the gloves as effective with the QT as with the Mini? 

Yes, the gloves will be as effective with the QT as with the Mini because you are able to do the pinch and hold technique. 

How often can I use the QT? 

You can safely use the QT Plus and Conductive Masks everyday from the neck and above. If using the gloves, every other day.

What intensity are the mask treatments using? 

We recommend using a low intensity to start, you can increase the intensity as long as it still feels comfortable. The program will automatically run 5 minutes in Stretch and 5 minutes in Lift. 

What results do we expect using Masks? 

The masks penetrate the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, boost ATP and they are great to push water based serums into the skin. The masks will not work on lifting and toning facial muscles.

What is the Custom Treatment Section? 

The custom treatment section is for you to select your own intensity, waveform and treatment time. You can choose to use the Gloves, EGF Mask, Metal Balls, Forehead, Eye or Lip masks. 

What is Offline Treatment? 

Offline Treatment is new with the QT Plus and allows you to use the device without the app. You will need to do a one time in app set up to choose your own intensity, waveform and treatment time. Once this has been saved, you can simply use the device freely. Here is how to enable offline treatment.

Why am I getting the error message "device version doesn't support offline treatment"?

Please make sure you have the QT Plus and not QT. The Plus will have a plus sign on the back below the website. If you have the Plus, please connect to Bluetooth and go into device settings within the app and click "check firmware updates". After the update is completed, you can use offline treatment.

**For general microcurrent questions please see our website or click here for Microcurrent FAQs

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