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Using Eye Mask with QT+Updated a year ago

1.) Cleanse and dry your skin.
2.) Open the "Hands Free Eye Mask"
 session in your QT App.
3.) Turn on your QT and connect your Eye Mask via your lead wire.

4.) Peel off and keep the plastic.

*you can apply a water based serum at this point to help drive those ingredients in deeper  do not use any type of oil products as this will impede the flow of current.

5.) Apply your eye mask and press play.
6.) Relax for 20 minutes!
7.) Remove the mask and return it to your plastic sheet for safekeeping. It will be good for 10-15 uses.
8.) Apply conductive gel and perform the "Quick Brow Lift" Session in your Myolift QT App.
9.) Gently cleanse or towel off the remaining gel.
10.)Apply serum/moisturizer. 
11.)This treatment is FDA cleared and safe to perform daily.

Video Tutorial:  This tutorial also includes how to do a complete eye lift treatment

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