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Using Lip Mask with Myolift QT +Updated a year ago

Prep: Remove 2 buds from a paper q-tip and allow them to soak in a cap full of your Conductivity Tx Solution 
1.) Cleanse and dry your skin.
2.) Connect your lead wire to your Myolift Mini via the USB port.
3.) Connect the two prongs of your lead wire to either side of your Hands Free Lip Mask.
4.) Apply your lip mask (keep the plastic sheet) and set your Mini to ERASE and your intensity to 300. Press RUN, lowering the intensity if you feel discomfort.
5.) Relax for 10 minutes!
6.) Change the waveform on your Mini to EDUCATE, leaving the intensity at 300 or lower as needed.
7.) Relax for 10 more minutes!
8.) Remove your lip mask and place it back on the plastic sheet. This is good for 10-15 uses.
9.) Remove the lead wire prongs and place them into your Cotton Tip Probes.
10.) Place a dampened cotton bud securely in the tip of each probe.
11.) Perform your desired treatment, dipping the cotton buds in your remaining cap full of solution as needed. Refer here for help with the movements:
12.) Treat the mouth area at an intensity of 300 or below if any discomfort is felt. After your treatment is done, dispose of your cotton buds and apply your favorite skincare.
13.) This treatment is safe to perform every other day!

Video Tutorial:

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