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7E MyoLift™ MD Microcurrent 

Our most advanced professional device.   

• Most advanced “true microcurrent” technology on the market 

• User-friendly 

• Seven preset treatment options 

• 9 Treatment customization options 

• Affordable investment options 

• Upgradable software 

• Financing available 

Most powerful clinical device with the strongest + broadest range of treatment options! 

Delivers 175 - 800 uA 

Who can purchase Myolift MD?

Licensed professionals only.

You will only be approved for purchase of MyoLift™ MD if you are licensed as one of the following: Esthetician, Cosmetologist, MD, PA, RN, LMT, LVN, DCO, Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist

What if I take Microcurrent Certification Course ?

Unfortunately, obtaining your microcurrent certification does not waive the need for licensing information required for purchase of MyoLift™ MD.

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