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QT Plus 2.0 App

Find out everything you need to know here about the new and improved, QT Plus 2.0 app for your travel friendly at home microcurrent skin care device by 7eWellness.

App Set Up/Assessment

Once logged into your QT Plus App, you will be asked a series of questions such as skin type, focus areas, skin concerns and much more. This will determine the best treatment plan for you that was specially curated by our team of Licensed Esthetician

My Plan

My Plan is your personalized treatment plan and journey with MyoLift QT. Based on your age, target focus areas and other responses to a brief questionnaire during the app setup, the app will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs


The Sessions tab has a library of esthetician recommended, follow along treatment protocols for various focus such as: Forehead, Eyes, Lips, Jowls/Cheek, Neck and Full Face. On the Sessions screen, you have access to a wide range of MyoLift QT treatm


We are so excited to provide LIVE Zoom webinar follow along sessions lead by our team of licensed estheticians. Take a look at the calendar to register or join and enjoy your session with experts and many more online friends. Learn new tips and trick

1:1 Connect

This is one click connect for expert consultations with your local licensed esthetician. Here, you can connect with an esthetician via phone or email and they will create your personalized journey. Search by location and skin concern to find the righ

More Tab

Under the more tab is where you will access to resources (blogs), device settings, shopping and much more. Here, you can also delete your account or log out when needed.

Migrating & Upgrading Myolift QT

We are excited to share our 7eWellness MyoLift QT Plus app has gotten a facelift, non-evasive, of course! ;). Getting set up in the new app is easy! Simply go to your Android or Apple store to download the new app and log in using your existing crede

My Profile

Accessing your profile easy! Simply click on the heading located at the top left of the app, or your star count. Once selected, your profile will show you:. Change Focus Areas: If you want to change your area of focus at any point, click this icon to