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Device TroubleshootingUpdated 2 years ago

What is the difference between MyoLift QT Plus and MyoLift Mini? 

Check out this blog for more information.

Why does the QT Plus feel stronger than the Mini?

QT delivers current from one metal sphere to the other using a 2 point contact. The Mini divides the current between 4 point contact, hence less perceived current.

Why is the MyoLift QT device shutting off right after I turn it on? 

The device may need to be charged. The device and app need to pair through a strong bluetooth connection. Make sure your bluetooth is switched on for your phone and the MyoLift QT app. You can also shut off your WiFi and use your cellular data only for a possible stronger connection. 

My device isn’t connecting to the app and/or I can’t get past the MyoLift QT Logo Screen.

Please make sure your smartphone Bluetooth connection is on in the settings on your phone as well as with the MyoLift QT App. It needs to be on in two places. If this does not resolve the connection issue then you may need to turn off your phone’s WiFi and run the device through your cellular data for a stronger connection. 

How do I turn on the MyoLift QT device? 

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep. 

Do I need to use Bluetooth with the QT Plus? 

Yes, the device connects to your smartphone through the Bluetooth connection. 

Why does the QT Plus vibrate? 

When you take the device off your face and then place it on again it will vibrate to let you know it’s conducting again. You can also tell it is conducting by looking at the Conductivity Bar light indicator on the app. 

How do I turn off my device? 

To turn off the device, make sure you have stopped running any programs in the app or the device will be locked. Once you have turned off any programs in the app you can hold the power button for three seconds to turn off the device. 

What do the blue lights mean? 

There are two LED lights on top of your device and one on the bottom. When they are all blinking blue it means the device is on waiting for a bluetooth connection. 

What are the two Green LED lights on the top of the device? 

The lights on the top of your device are indicators to show you if you are in low intensity or high intensity. When only the bottom light is on, then you are in low intensity, when both are on it is showing you are in high intensity. 

What does the red light on the base of my device mean?

 If the light turns red on the base of your handheld device it means your battery is low. You can charge your device by plugging it into the mini USB-C cable on the end of your device and connect it to the USB port to a computer or adapter to charge. The device is done charging when the green light on the bottom is solid and not blinking.

How often do I need to charge my battery?

The battery needs to be charged every 20-25 treatments. Once the device is fully charged the battery light will become solid green. If the device is turning off right away after turning on, it needs to be charged. 

What if I am not getting conductivity? 

You may need to turn down your intensity especially on thinner areas of skin such as the neck and forehead. Your device may not be connected via bluetooth. You may need to apply more gel. The probes may need to be tightened.

Can I use the MyoLift Classic Applicator Probes on the MyoLift QT Device? 

No, the MyoLift Mini probes will not plug into the MyoLift QT Device. 

Can I use the MyoLift Cotton Tip Probes with the MyoLift QT Device?

Yes, the Cotton Tip Probes plug into the QT Plus using the attached lead wire.

Can I use the MyoLift Classic Applicator Probes on the MyoLift QT Device? 

No, the MyoLift Mini probes will not plug into the Myolift QT Device. 

How do I know it’s working? 

While using the app, you will see a conductive green light (in the app) indicating that you are conducting. 

What is Smart Current ™ technology? 

Smart Current™ is what makes MyoLift QT Plus at-home microcurrent facial treatment deeper, better, faster, easier and safer than other handheld microcurrent machines on the market. Smart Current™ allows precise and convenient delivery of microcurrent using a “hands free” , app controlled device which is customizable and allows you to use different attachments. Smart Current™ allows you to customize the treatments giving you complete control and visibility to choose a treatment based on your skin condition, problem area(s), and sensitivity as you progress in your skincare journey 

Is the current in the MyoLift QT alternating? 

Yes, the MyoLift QT uses an alternating current because it is using the two metal probes and one side is positive and the other is negative. This is also true even in the masks. 

What is the difference between Nuface, Foreo, Ziip, Clareblend Mini and QT? 

Our device stands out amongst the others because not only can you use two waveforms top stretch and lift facial muscles, but the Microamp levels go up to 400 and you can use all of our attachments such as: the Eye, Lip and Forehead masks, EGF Mask, Cotton Tip Probes and the Conductive Gloves. We also have several programs available on the app such as Full Face 15 minute treatment, 2.5 minute Lip, 2.5 minute Eye, 2.5 minute Jowl, 2.5 minute Neck, 5 minute Full Face and Glove treatment, plus a Customized Treatment section where you can save your favorite treatment to do again in the future and now the offline feature to use the device app-free. 

Is the MyoLift QT appropriate for a professional treatment room? 

No, the MyoLift QT was designed for the home users, but can be retailed by professionals. For professional grade treatments we recommend using the MyoLift 600 or MyoLift MD device. 

**For general microcurrent questions please see our website or click here for Microcurrent FAQs

How do I clean my QT Plus?

You can safely wipe down your device and metal probes using an alcohol wipe.

**For further troubleshooting assistance, please email [email protected]

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