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Forehead Mask How To Use

Protocol for Using the Forehead Conductive Mask

1.Cleanse Skin

2. Plug mask into Lead Wire and plug lead wire into device.

3. Remove plastic from Forehead Mask

4. Apply a water based serum, EGF Mask or our Replenish Spritzer to the area

5.Place forehead Mask on and press gently on your forehead

You can do 10-30 minutes on Level 1 Erase/Long/Stretch.  If you prefer, you can do 15 minutes on Level 1 Erase/Long/Stretch and 15 minutes on Level 1 Educate/Short/Lift.

6. Remove the Forehead Mask and put on plastic and store in sealed bag

You should be able to use your mask up to 15 times.  If you notice there is a build up on the sticky part you will want to wipe off with rubbing alcohol. 

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