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FAQ, Education and How to Maximize Results using Forehead Mask



Easy, hands-free microcurrent treatment targeting the fine lines and wrinkles around the brow and eye areas.  Our line of conductive masks include some of the most innovative ways of applying microcurrent to trouble areas on the face.

Forehead Mask Treatment

The Forehead Mask treatment will work on the surface lines and wrinkles on the brow and eye area.  You can put a water-based serum or use our Repenish Spritzer  on the skin before placement of the forehead mask.

Forehead Mask How To Use

Protocol for Using the Forehead Conductive Mask. 1.Cleanse Skin. 2. Plug mask into Lead Wire and plug lead wire into device. 3. Remove plastic from Forehead Mask. 4. Apply a water based serum, EGF Mask or our Replenish Spritzer to the area. https://w

Forehead Mask FAQ

Be sure and plug the lead wire in and connect the Forehead Mask. Be sure and press the Pause/Run button until you see Run on your screen. Make sure your device is not plugged into the wall. How many times have you used your Forehead Mask?  You may ne

Precautions for Conductive Mask

Do not use the Self-adhesive Electrode on injured areas of the skin. Do not use the Self-adhesive Electrode if it loses its adhesion strength. The electric current may concentrate in a certain area, depending on conditions of contact with the skin, r