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Myolift Mini ProtocolUpdated 2 years ago


Basic Protocol

  • Cleanse your skin
  • Apply a water based serum (7ewellness Anti-Aging Serum) 
  • Apply conductivity gel as you go
  • You want to use a light layer and it is best to paint as you go
  • Start with Erase movements
  • Then Use Educate Pinch and Hold 
  • Remove gel and apply moisturizer

How Often Can I Use Myolift Mini?

Visible results will depend on age, skin condition, hydration levels, consistency and technique. MyoLift™ Mini is safe and effective to use as frequently as every other day, leaving a sort of "rest day" in between for your muscles to reap the rewards of the treatment. However, it is recommended older clients receive focused treatments 3-4 times a week. Younger clients may want to start with treatments once a week. After 8-10 weeks, most people find they only need occasional facials once a week for maintenance. 

Microcurrent must be approached like a workout for your facial muscles. Results are cumulative and will take time. Consistency and proper technique when using the Mini will play a large role in your results. As in any weight training exercise, eventually your muscles will be strong enough to bump up in weight. The same kind of progression works when it comes to intensity of microcurrent on your facial muscles. MyoLift™ Mini goes up to 400 microamps. If you notice your results plateau, it may be time to upgrade to MyoLift™ 600 or MyoLift™ MD. If you are a licensed professional, you can purchase either of these devices for your aesthetics business. If you are a home-user and enthusiast, you will need to locate your closest MyoLift™ provider and schedule a professional MyoLift™ True Microcurrent facial.

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