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Myolift Mini

FAQ, Education and How to Maximize Results using Myolift Mini


Congratulations on becoming a MyoLift™ microcurrent device owner! We know this is a big step in your wellness and aesthetics business, so we have designed this support portal to ensure you have access to all the information you need. In addition to t

Myolift Mini Protocol

PROTOCOL FOR USING YOUR MYOLIFT MINI. Basic Protocol. How Often Can I Use Myolift Mini?. Visible results will depend on age, skin condition, hydration levels, consistency and technique. MyoLift™ Mini is safe and effective to use as frequently as ever

Myolift Mini Training Portal

*Level 1 is preset at 175ua. *Leve 2 is preset at 350ua.

Using Lip Mask with Myolift Mini

Prep: Remove 2 buds from a paper q-tip and allow them to soak in a cap full of your Conductivity Tx Solution 1.) Cleanse and dry your skin.2.) Connect your lead wire to your Myolift Mini via the USB port.3.) Connect the two prongs of your lead wire t

Myolift Mini Lip Treatment

This is a great treatment to use when you want to concentrate on the lip area.  This tutorial will show you a treatment using the Myolift Mini with probes and the lip mask for a great lip treatment!.