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What if the conductive bar continues to blink or stays solid?Updated a year ago

Blinking - you are not conducting. Either you didn’t apply enough gel, the gel has dried, or the spheres are not completely touching the skin.

- Are you on Level 2-Erase and working on “thinner” skin? Switch to Level 1 and do eyes, crows feet and above/under lip and see if the conductivity stops blinking. If it does, go ahead and switch back to Level 2 and finish your treatment.

- Dehydrated - if the gel is drying quickly you are most likely dehydrated. This will contribute to the conductivity bar blinking. Spray some RePlenish Spritzer on before putting on the gel. Then if the gel gets tacky, just spray some Replenish Spritzer to reactivate the gel.

- Change the angle of the sphere.

Stays Solid - With the unit on, test the applicator by slightly touching the two applicator metallic parts together. If the conductivity bar still doesn’t turn solid, then there is an issue with the applicator and we will send a replacement.

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